Why You Should Use Video Marketing

Whether you are promoting a product, a service, an idea, or yourself, video marketing will take your reach and engagement to the next level. These stats from impactbnd.com paint an exciting picture:

How Video Marketing Increases Reach

  1. It drives a 157% increase in organic search result traffic
  2. Embedded videos in websites can increase traffic up to 55%
  3. More than 500 million hours of YouTube are watched every day
  4. YouTube reaches more millennials and GenZ than cable and TV

How Video Marketing Increases Engagement

  1. Video can increase landing page conversions by 80% or more
  2. Viewers retain 95% of messages from watching a video compared to 10% from reading it in text
  3. Videos can deliver messages in a short amount of time and can elicit emotions through visuals, sounds, and music.
  4. Just by mentioning the word “video” in a subject line, click-through rates on e-mails increased by 13%

Knowing that videos get so much more engagement, how do you get started?

How to Make a Marketing Video

  1. Create a production plan. This will include a script, a storyboard, and a list of any necessary resources or materials you will need. Consider every element of your video.
  2. Show your personality. Educate the viewer on your message, but make sure to entertain them too. Don’t be afraid to make longer content. Even though short videos often have higher engagement rates and many people may drop off from longer video times, long content can really enhance your connection to the viewer. According to Gary Vee, “quality is king” that’s why you are willing to watch a great 3-hour movie but not a 15-second annoying ad.
  3. Tell a story that engages your viewer. Find a way to involve the viewer. A good story can elicit an emotional connection. Remember the basics; you need an intro, a conflict, a climax, and a resolution. Keep in mind that 85% of Facebook video views are in silent mode. Caption your videos and make sure your visuals are impactful. On the other hand, the right music can enhance the emotional impact of your video. Think about how all these elements will come together to improve your message. You can read some more tips on creating videos in this comprehensive article from Hubspot

If you are just trying to promote yourself or you have a modest budget, you can still make a very effective video with just you and a phone. That’s because, in the end, it is not about the tech. It’s about the message. If your message is authentic and engaging, you can build relationships with your viewers.